Behind the Lens

I'm Adam Todd, a photographer based in Saint John, NB, Canada. I'm a husband to an amazing and supportive wife and a father to a beautiful daughter and a super cool son. Combined they have been the driving force behind my love and passion for photography. No matter where we go as a family, my camera is always along for the ride.  

With the help of my wife, Shannon, I launched Adam Todd Photography. She works hard at being my agent, realist, marketing expert and everything else in between. I’m behind the lens, but she is everywhere else.

To put it simply; I love to shoot, but not simply for the sake of shooting. I enjoy getting to know you and your loved ones. You're not calling me to simply show up and press a button on my Nikon, you're calling me to capture your moments and memories. This is the part I truly enjoy about my clients - the personal side. Of course, at the end of the day you expect results, and those will be provided, but there's nothing stopping us from having some fun along the way.

On the day of your shoot, I'll show up with a relaxed attitude and patient demeanor. I'm not there to be the boss or get the shot that I want, I'm there to capture the memories that you want to make and keep.  I’ll provide some guidance along the way to help make this happen, but the shoot is all about you in the end.

Please take some time to flip through my portfolio and get in touch if you’d like to work together to capture those special moments.